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Conference Timetable Overview

An overview of the conference timetable for the conference is available .. here ..

Presentation Schedule

A schedule for the presentation of papers and keynote lectures is available .. here ..

Note this document contains the most recent changes to the timetable and supercedes the printed document.

Conference Proceedings

The conference proceedings are being published by Springer and CDROM copies will be sent by Springer to delegates providing their postal address as instructed below.

The e-book version is available online .. here ..

SDM-16 delegates are granted access to the e-book from 4 April - 2 May 2016 by means of a 'token' (similar to a password).

Delegates who send an email containing their name and full postal address to before the end of the conference will receive an e-book token by return email, and their address will be forwarded to Springer to enable them to be sent a CDROM copy of the proceedings.


Pre-print versions of the conference papers for all sessions can be viewed using the PROSE system
.. here ..

Log in using your usual userid and password selecting the 'Pre-Proceedings Online' radio button on the login screen.

If you do not have a PROSE userid for this conference, you may log in using 'guest' for both userid and password.

Conference on
Sustainable Design
and Manufacturing
Chania, Crete,
4-6 April 2016